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Freshly Made Treats

The finest old-fashioned treats are made by hand, and can be customized for any occasion. With that in mind, Afresh Approach is happy to work with you to craft the best personalized chocolate truffles and other confectionary treats for your event. With your theme, and favorite flavors, we craft items that will tantalize your taste buds.

Handmade Treats

About Us

Afresh Approach, a chocolatier in Long Island, New York, provides a wide selection of gourmet candy and delectable treats. Our team of experienced confectioners creates stunning and delicious treats that are perfect for special events, including weddings.

Our owners make every treat by hand at their chocolate shop. This endeavor is our passion, our mission is to make their customers smile, and we do this with the best confections imaginable. We remember the days in which life moved more slowly, when the treats were made by hand and all had a unique flavor. Every step of the process is done with loving care, including the packaging.

We deliver to many locations in the area for free, and offer shipping to areas around the country for a cost. We do not ship during the summer months; however, local delivery is still available. Please note, at the present time we do not have online ordering available since we want to give you the opportunity to custom-create your own treats.

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